Peter Messer – Lewes Painter

Yesterday I was in Lewes visiting some eco-houses. One of them turned out to belong to a friend called Mark Mansbridge and the house faces some allotment gardens where I thought another friend had a plot.
On asking Mark if Peter Messer did in fact have a plot opposite, he said that Peter’s plot is directly opposite. Furthermore some four or so years previously Mark had photographed the plot “in all its september glory” from his upstairs window. Being a nice guy he gave a copy to Peter.
The following summer Mark was with a friend at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition when he stopped in his tracks and exclaimed, “That’s the view from my bedroom window!”. And it was, as shown above, Peter had turned the photo into one of his detailed paintings.
I was able to put the picture at the head of this piece because later that same day I popped into the Lewes Arms for a pint of Harveys Best and met Peter Messer, who not only confirmed the tale but offered to send me a jpeg of the painting.
Thank you both for making this delightfully serendipitous story possible. Before you leave please click on the image for a bigger version – you know it makes sense.

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