Vegetarian Food for a Week

We took it in turns to cook dinner each night. Had planned to eat out two nights, but lack of good vegetarian options meant abandoning that plan. Therefore two people had to cook two meals, and it was just chance that it was the two women who cooked two meals. I mean come on, we’re from Brighton right, you don’t get any ‘isms’ with us folk.
Saturday: Courgette, sweet potato and aubergine curry, carrots and dill, fennel and mushroom curry, a simple dall, brown basmati and wild rice, garlic nans. Jackie prepared most of this at home, it arrived in a chillbox in Pam and Steves car. We invited two friends who happened to be staying on the island for the weekend, and they brought dessert – a big dark chocolate cake bought at a village fete earlier in the day.
Sunday: Lasagne using spelt and spinach pasta sheets, courgettes, onions, mushrooms, carrots and tomatoes, with a strong cheddar cheese sauce. Unlike others I never even thought about preparing a dessert.
Monday: Nut Roast with potatoes and vegetables and a gravy (using vegetarian gravy mix). Pam made the basic mix at home and brought it frozen, but added sweet chestnuts and eggs before baking it (I hope I got that right).
Tuesday: Cottage Pie with quorn and carrots and other vegetables in the base, topped with lashings of mashed potatoes and cheese. I think Fred bought a choice of ice creams to follow his speciality.
Wednesday: A saffron infused rissotto with various vegetables, and topped with steamed asparagus spears. Steve served this with a tomato salad, and a dessert of chopped strawberries and peaches with a little white wine, slightly sweetened with a little sugar.
Thursday: Pam used the last of her nut roast with plenty of tomatoes (fresh and tinned) to make a sauce to go with pasta shells.
Friday: Jackie made a lentil, tinned tomato and breadcrumb bake topped with cheese, and served with roasted potato wedges and roasted peppers, aubergines and courgettes.
Now that is living well. I just wish I’d photographed each dish.

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One Response to Vegetarian Food for a Week

  1. Linda Taylor says:

    Hi Rob,

    Have finally located your blog!
    Good to see you at the “London Road” book launch the other day.

    We had a great evening with you on the IOW and the food was fab! Looking at the menu wish we could have joined you all week.
    Loved the cottage aswell.


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