Walking and Wildflowers

On a slightly overcast day Steve and I went for a walk along the Tennyson Way from Carisbrooke west and south to the village of Brighstone.
We climbed in a tunnel of trees out of Carisbrooke until we stepped into the daylight on the top of the ridge with extensive views all around. Soon we entered a sweet chestnut and beech wood on level ground that stayed with us until the land dropped steeply done to the south creating open chalk downland slopes complete with hundreds of Marbled white butterflies, pale purple pyramidal orchids, yellow and red horseshoe vetch, purple marjoram and low-growing thyme, pink stalks of centaury and yellow of yellow-wort.
We also saw tiny clusters of white eggs(?), some guarded by ants, at the top of grass stalks – but don’t know what these are.
Below the chalk turf we moved onto sandstone and bracken-dominated heath, and our way gradually turned more steeply downhill until it became a track in the base of a 3 or 4 metre deep soft sandstone gully or ravine which led directly to the very pretty (and tourist full) village of Brighstone.

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