Cleckheaton adventures by Mr Men bus

Mr Tickle on the Dewsbury to Bradford Arriva 268

Cleckheaton and the immediate area has a published ‘Trail of Fame’ complete with metal plaques set in the pavement at the 44 separate famous locations. It is perhaps telling that the best known name is Roger Hargreaves, creator first of Mr Men characters, and later the Little Misses.
Arriva bus 268 runs from Dewsbury in the south, through Heckmondwike (Hecky) and Cleckheaton (Clecky) before terminating at Bradford Interchange. Every No 268 is named after one of Hargreaves’s characters.
I should quote from the bus info panel that he is the third biggest seller of books in Britain, having sold over 100 million volumes. Anyway we were lucky enough to travel on the square and red Mr Strong, the pig-tailed Little Miss Sunshine, the blue blobby Mr Busy and, best of all, his very first Mr Men creation, the long-armed Mr Tickle, the one who could reach out for a biscuit in the kitchen without getting out of bed. All this and a bus pass too.

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