The Church at Nostell Priory

A local bus from Wakefield took us to Nostell Priory, a fine National Trust property not open on the day of our visit. We walked the grounds and ended at the church, with a delighful sundial over the entrance porch. The motto, ‘We resemble the shadow’, reminds us of our brief and passing existence, whilst the date (18*0 – not fully legible) and spelling of distant ports reminds us of the trading history that brought wealth to England in the 19th century.
The distant ports are on the dial so that we can tell when it is noon in cities from Lima and Buenos Aires, through Quebec and east to Constantinople and Cairo. Even London is shown, reminding us that local noon was the important time before Mean (or average) Time, and it’s a little to the east of Nostell Priory so has noon a few minutes earlier.
The windows of the church display what is called the finest collection of Swiss enamelled glass outside of Zurich. It was collected by one of the Winn family that owned and built Nostell Priory.
I have selected a few images for your delight – cutting off the legs of St Bartholomew, handing the head of John the Baptist to Salome and St George killing the dragon. Click on the images for a bigger version.
A brass near the altar commemorates one Winn thus:
In affectionate remembrance of
Major the Hon. Charles Cavendish Winn
Rifle Brigade
who was accidentally killed
whilst playing polo
at Umballa on the 24th June 1898
aged 39 years.

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One Response to The Church at Nostell Priory

  1. Oh, what a shame it wasn’t open. Nostell Priory has one of the most important paintings by Angelica Kauffman, recently secured for the nation.
    I just gave a lecture on her at the Uni.

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