Yorkshire Sculpture Park 13th July 2010

Another bus from Wakefield Bus Station and here we are at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Entry is free, the food is great, the landscape terrific and there is art as well.
I’ve always enjoyed Andy Goldsworthy’s stuff, especially the very short-lived works with leaves and thorns and berries and ice, but here its his longlife art, though there is sign of decay in the trees suspended in drystone wall pits.
The current exhibition is by David Nash, mainly very large pieces of wood, some charred and well coated with linseed oil. The charred steps set in coal are unsettling because of the blackness, but function well as steps. There is video of the construction here.
But I still prefer the slightly more conventional work snapped in the underground gallery, the big simple shapes on the floor and their drawn equivalents impress me most.
Strangely the whole place is barely set up for arriving by bus. The stops are some distance from the entrance, along a road with only partial pavement, and there is no pedestrian route from the highway to the first buildings, so you have to be constantly aware of traffic approaching you at speed from both directions.

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One Response to Yorkshire Sculpture Park 13th July 2010

  1. Sue Rigby says:

    Very good blog – the first I’ve ever read! The photographs have come out well. Glad you enjoyed your trip – I dragged a friend into Fernandes this week to sample the beer!


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