The New Bathroom

Early in November we engaged a plumber to install a new bathroom for us. This was the impetus we needed to get the preparation started. Our bathroom is esentially almost underground, being the ground floor at the back of the house which is set into the hill. The walls are always cold, you need heating if you plan to soak in the bath even in the summer. So the plan was to line the walls with up to 3 inches of plastic foam insulation with a plasterboard finish. The floor would also be raised and insulated.
Floline, a plumbers merchant here on Round Hill, provided most of the kit, and the plumber is Kevin Fitzgerald, who I knew from the Evening Star in town before he was a plumber.
The room is only half complete but is already much more comfortable when bathing, and will no doubt be better when the heavy window blind is replaced and the radiator in the adjacent utility room is re-connected.

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