Madrigals, mulled wine and pottery

Jerry, Penny, two girls unknown to me and Simon

Rob enjoying Madrigal singing, Jeff looking less involved

All over Brighton, in the retail opportunity leading to Christmas, artists and craftspeople are opening their studios to flog us stuff. At just one of those places Jerry said he’d be singing with some of his ‘Madders’ friends – all keen on Madrigals.
I went in search, and found them around a pottery kiln. The kiln had a sign on it, saying HOT in red with an exclamation mark. And yes, I did touch it to check, and yes, it was hot, as evidenced by my temporarily fingerprintless digit.
I forgot my camera so was lucky to find Elly and Jeff there. They had also come to hear the singing, they know Simon and Penny through a mutual interest in playing recorders, though they met through a beer, bicycles and sailing link that is too complex to explain here.
They finished with a drinking song which went: have a drink, check to see if all your teeth are truly wet yet, Discover some are not, have another drink, repeat process. After this we got the hint and adjourned to the Nelson, in Trafalgar Street for a beer or two.

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