A Day on the Downs

Yesterday (30th December) two of us took a train to Southease and set out to explore some little visited bits of downland, with the aid of the writings of Dave Bangs.
We walked towards Telscombe village but turned south to trespass along a delightful strip of over-scrubby downland, before turning towards Telscombe village again.
The plan was to head north and east to access some land near Breaky Bottom Farm, but due to poor map-reading we missed the part that is being contested by the landowner.
Our plans to walk the next sweeping hillside of Open Access land were thwarted by a shoot. Beaters were working the very area we wanted, and eight guns were blasting away at French partridge and pheasants. One magpie got caught in the fire as well, but the chap we met and talked to said magpies were vermin, so that’s alright then!
He told us the guns paid £1000 for the days shooting (5 hours in all).
This event, and long chat, left us lacking light for the planned route, so we picked a more direct route, via the south Downs Way, Mill Hill, Telscombe village and Tye, to the Badgers Something – a pub near the sewage outfall on the coast, before busing back into Brighton.
Harveys Best and Youngs Christmas Gold Ale sampled before the bus.

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One Response to A Day on the Downs

  1. Great blog Keep trespassing!

    John B.

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