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Taking more away from the have-nots

I wouldn’t want anyone to think me prejudiced, so its good to see the Tories, and their Lib-Dem enablers, are running true to form. The money paid by central government to local authorities is calculated by a complex set of … Continue reading

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Wasteland & Semi-dereliction

I’ve been a fan of leftover places ever since I played on the huge Woolsheds site, explored the banks of open freshwater drains and found abandoned brickponds in urban west Hull, back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. In … Continue reading

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John Otway at Shoreham

Went to Shoreham on Friday 21st January to see Otway’s big band. Never seen this lineup before, though he said they’d been touring together for 19 years. It was the usual Otway gig, featuring his TWO hits, one in each … Continue reading

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Protect the Environment – stop breeding

The Queen has four, Blair has four and Cameron had four until one died. Now the Beckhams are having a fourth. With role-models like these no wonder we continue to bash the environment. And when the rich breed to excess … Continue reading

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Money moves from the poor to the wealthy.

Three days ago, on the Today programme, over morning tea I heard the MD of Rolls Royce cars confirm that the current year’s sales are up on last year, with a growth of 70% on UK-only sales. That confirms the … Continue reading

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Parasites in Pink Clothing

I have been trying not to do this, but I cannot resist any longer. I will keep it brief for now. Its good to see the Tory plan for recovery is showing signs of success. Today I heard that services … Continue reading

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