Parasites in Pink Clothing

I have been trying not to do this, but I cannot resist any longer. I will keep it brief for now.
Its good to see the Tory plan for recovery is showing signs of success. Today I heard that services to help those with speech impediments are being cut across the country for adults and in some Health Service regions they are cutting services for children as well. And thats right. How can the rich possibly get richer if they are forced to pay taxes to help the undeserving poor.
I also noticed – in a pre-Christmas Guardian – that the manufacturers of superyachts are seeing signs of recovery, which shows that cutting back on public expenditure is working.
VAT went up today, and thats so much better than allowing National Insurance contributions to be charged on incomes over £40k. It helps the rich keep more of what is naturally theirs, whilst ensuring that the poor pay more tax.
But its not all good. A lot of those superyacht customers are still from the old Soviet Union, where the natural entreprenuers were finally allowed to blossom once the structures which featherbedded the poor were dismantled. A glorious model for Thatchers children to aspire to. See how the money flows to the top whilst the workshy die.
It was while walking on the Downs last week that we thought about Tory plans. Below us 24 rural boys of all ages marched over the hillside flapping bits of old fertiliser sack to scare partridge and pheasant into the range of 8 alpha-males paying a mere £1000 a day to shoot them down.
How do we make things more bearable for those stressed businessmen? Clearly getting wages down would help.
A friends son-in-law is a paramedic, he has just seen his unsocial hours payments disappear, reducing his monthly pay by £400. Another friend expects his NHS admin job to go soon. When doctors take over running the NHS they will need to buy in his skills, but via Capita or some other enterprise designed to siphon money into private hands, so his pay will fall, his pension deteriorate, and his terms and conditions decay. All good for the people who matter, the wealthy entreprenuers.
Its good to see that students will now fund universities. That old and unfair system where general taxation paid for them was so unfair to the wealthy. Its OK if you decide to give a big sum to a university, with appropriate tax breaks of course, as part of your plan for knighthood or better, but SO unfair to be forced to pay.

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