Money moves from the poor to the wealthy.

Three days ago, on the Today programme, over morning tea I heard the MD of Rolls Royce cars confirm that the current year’s sales are up on last year, with a growth of 70% on UK-only sales.
That confirms the super-yacht item in the last political post – the rich are getting richer.
Meanwhile it seems that a youth club in Bermondsey (south London) which a young Tommy Steele used to attend has had to close its doors because funding from the local council has ceased. The local MP – one LibDem Simon Hughes – said they should have seen it coming, and diversified into squash courts for the growing number of bankers moving into the area.
Goodbye society, welcome to the free market.
In Simon Winchester’s book about William Smith, founder of geological mapping, I read that, in the mid-18th century landowners and the rising industrialists became concerned that the growth of education would give the poorest 80% of society ideas above their station. They might even begin to think they could be more than cheap labour for their masters and betters. The ConDems have removed the Education Maintanance Allowance (£30 per week for poorest kids in further ed.) making it hard for the poorest to stay at school.
The more things change the more they stay the same.

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