Protect the Environment – stop breeding

The Queen has four, Blair has four and Cameron had four until one died. Now the Beckhams are having a fourth. With role-models like these no wonder we continue to bash the environment. And when the rich breed to excess they do even more environmental damage.
A sensible and environmentally sound cutback would be to stop all payments for children after the second.
Save the Planet – Use a Condom.
Alternatively, if you wish to increase the size of your environmental footprint, do it with your own resources, don’t expect other citizens to help you damage our shared environment.
When Jackie made this suggestion to Polly Toynbee (at a Fabians meeting in Lewes some years back) Polly said it was impractical because we would need lots of young people to look after us when we get old. That is a ridiculous and unsustainable position, and quite unnecessary when we can invite the less well-off from around the planet to come and look after us.

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