John Otway at Shoreham

John Otway plays the Theramin

Went to Shoreham on Friday 21st January to see Otway’s big band. Never seen this lineup before, though he said they’d been touring together for 19 years. It was the usual Otway gig, featuring his TWO hits, one in each set, plus the B-sides and a selection of other songs of his and covers.
After ‘Really Free’ he introduced the B-side (‘Beware of the flowers ‘cos I’m sure they’re going to get you, yeh’) by telling us it was voted (in a BBC millenium poll) the 7th best lyric ever, before anything by Dylan or Paul Simon, and immediately after Paul McCartney’s ‘Yesterday’. It was impossible to hear the words through the instruments of the band, and a quick check on YouTube suggests that’s always the case, but I found the lyrics elsewhere online, here is the first verse:

Look out baby
Look out Pet
Here’s the kid
Who’s gonna get the Blues
When you go away.
I’m on fire
Cause I’m in love
With a girl who’s not the girl she was
When I was out with the herd
I saw you in the garden baby
You looked so debonair
Beware of the flowers
Because I’m sure they’re gonna get you

I think that the truth is that the title is one of the best ever, though the delivery is still great.

The theramin featured on Crazy Horses, he stiil insists on doing forward rolls, including one from halfway up a stepladder.
Great event, wonderful banter, plus lots of Dark Star Hophead.

He finished the first set with his Rock Anthem, ‘We Rock’, during which he tore his shirt open. Now I know he does this every performance, but this time there was a strange connection for me – it reminded me of Iggy Pop in the Swift Cover adverts. Sorry John.

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One Response to John Otway at Shoreham

  1. fred says:

    A top night out! He is always entertaining, though his “Head Butts” at the end gave me concerns for his health and safety!

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