Taking more away from the have-nots

I wouldn’t want anyone to think me prejudiced, so its good to see the Tories, and their Lib-Dem enablers, are running true to form.
The money paid by central government to local authorities is calculated by a complex set of equations. The new Tory crew have decided to simplify the sums in such a way as to move money away from the poor areas, and hand more to those areas that need less because they have fewer poor people.
The result? Poor areas have to fire more staff and cut back on important services to their populations, whilst affluent authorities can reduce the amount of locally raised tax because of the cushioning effect of extra central government money. Par for the Tory course I’d say.
Meanwhile, how else can the rich keep their money and help their business pals?
Here’s a good one – cut Legal Aid so that good cases against, say, useless solicitors or greedy drugs companies cannot be pursued by those suffering their incompetence or greed. To those that have shall be given, from those that have not, shall be taken away – sound Conservative philosophy.

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