Wasteland & Semi-dereliction

Brown Wall by Prunella Clough, 1964

I’ve been a fan of leftover places ever since I played on the huge Woolsheds site, explored the banks of open freshwater drains and found abandoned brickponds in urban west Hull, back in the late 50’s and early 60’s.
In recent months I have explored the hinterland of Newhaven, with its leftover military installations, abandoned farmland and scraps of woodland dotted with mobile homes that will never move and crusty self-build homes that escaped the conformity imposed by planners.
I also like recording these places, sometimes in paint. An old petrol pump on a country lane near Ford in West Sussex is the centre of one painting in the hall, and I’ve interpreted about 4 feet of bare-earth cliff-top in the Isle of Wight about seven times in acrylics.
So I was pleased to read of a painter with a similar fondness for small scale dereliction in the Guardian a few weeks ago. Prunella Clough’s paintings got passing mention in a piece about a retrospective of Fay Godwin’s landscape photographs. Serendipity was working overtime when I found a Clough painting at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, where we went on 13th January to hear Edmund de Waal give a talk.

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