Wildlife catch-up

Its late February and I’ve been meaning to post about developments in the garden, but today I have seen the item that forced this post. In the last couple of years we have seen lots of Scarlet Tiger moths in the summer, mainly supposed to have come from mainland Europe, but today, on the front garden I found dozens of their caterpillars. So they are breeding here, right here, outside the front door. A little early for their foodplants – bramble, comfrey and nettle, but there is some comfrey in the front, and I’ll move a few to the young brambles shoots in the back garden.
Meanwhile the blue tits have been in and out of both front garden and back garden nestboxes. A near neighbour delivered a hanging basket of moss, dog-hair, dry grasses and feathers for me to put up in the garden so the little birds don’t have to wear out their little wings seeking nest material.
The daffodils in the front are about to open, they had all tilted their heads over a couple of days ago, and the sunniest are about to open their petals.
Recently seen chiff-chaffs, great tits and goldfinches in back garden, as well as a pair of robins chasing with that not too aggressive manner that suggests pairing not territorial dispute.

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