World Book Night in Brighton

It was worth it just to be in the library at midnight, and to be able to shout with nobody ‘shushing’. Like everywhere else hundreds of books were given away in the city library last night when it re-opened at 8pm.

My reading often stops at thrillers and crime stories – I like a dead body in the first 10 pages. Sadly the one book that fits that description, ‘Killing Floor’ by Lee Childs, seemed not to be available last night.

But we had lots of people reading poetry and authors reading their own stuff, and all of them recommending favoutire reads. A creative writing tutor read ‘Albert and the Lion’, in what she said was a northern accent, but kept swinging to Pam Ayers.

Went to the Evening Star at 9.30pm to meet Miriam, who had decided to give away her 48 books in her favourite pub.  The last two copies of ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls were given away just after we arrived.  two pints of Dark Star Golden Gate set me up for a return to the library to a series of short illustrated presentations by local environmentalists.

Katie Ramsay, who once lived here on Round Hill, spoke about her green conversion and the resulting book, ‘An Eco-Guide to Sussex’

Daren Howarth, who was involved in the Earthship house in Stanmer Park, and featured on an episode of Grand Designs because he, his partner and a string of visiting friends built another earthship in Brittany, described his journey, their new self-published  book about building the Brittany house and detailing the recipes friends and visitors brought with them.  His best observation was that we need to find ways to convert millions of old houses and energy inefficient into sustainable ones, and that is where he intends to commit his time now.  This reminds me that Friends of the Earth are asking us to get our MPs to sign Early Day Motion 653, in support of an Energy Bill that will require the worst insulated, private rented homes to be upgraded by 2016, or they will not  be lettable.  Caroline Lucas has signed, why not check your MP?

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4 Responses to World Book Night in Brighton

  1. Ooh, did you hear me reciting depressing German poetry at the library? I recorded four German poems for a project called Roots and Branches – Sounding the Site, and apparently it premiered on Saturday at the library. Lots of different languages and dialects, vaguely held together by the theme of ‘roots and branches’, with some plinkety-plink music. Alexandra

  2. fredpipes says:

    It was a bit of a bun fight at the library – I got a copy of Cloud Atlas, which disappointingly doesn’t have any photos or diagrams of interesting clouds, but appears to be a highbrow novel. Friends that have read it say it is pretty impenetrable so I probably won’t bother… A strange young man ‘Whisperer’ accosted me with a poem when I was lurking around hoping to meet a Giver! Ahhgg! There is nothing worse than a stranger’s poetry in a public place!

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