Response varies with Age

At World Book Night on Saturday one of the speakers, Josie, who wrote a book about seed bombing and described her time with the Lewes Road Community Garden, right now being covered in concrete for flats and shops, said that whenever she saw a shrub growing out of a building it made her think it was a sign of plants fighting back, against our oppression of nature.
I can honestly say I once thought the same thing, but these days its more likely to be, ‘someone should remove that before it does any more damage’.

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One Response to Response varies with Age

  1. fredpipes says:

    yes – had a buddlea growing out of my garden wall and I though ‘how nice for the butterflies’. Then one day it was dead – it had been growing through next door’s kitchen wall and the owner had (quite rightly) had enough and chopped through its roots!!

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