Cleaning beaches at Roseland, Cornwall

Another week of heavy chores. Staying down in Cornwall at a National Trust bunkhouse, in order to pick up litter from the beaches at the area I used to call the Roseland Peninsula, but now know to call Roseland, because the ‘Ros’ bit is Cornish for peninsula.
the twelve of us keep finding plastic gizmos that come fom inside shotgun cartridges, and begin to discuss whether or not these things have a name. We settle on ‘plastic wad’, because this complex plastic cup replaces the old cardboard wadding that separated the explosive from the lead shot.
Serendipity strikes – I am reading a Patricia Cornwell novel – Predator – I picked up at the bunkhouse, and there on page 212 they identify the murder weapon as a twelve bore by the Remington plastic four-petal Power Piston wad found in his brain.
See for yourself – without the brain – in the picture below. I guess the power piston is the spring-like structure at the base of the wad, the 4 petals form the cup that holds the shot. This one may not be Remington, but its the same thing.
The rest of the picture is my collection of beach litter – just the best bits – set agianst a small port where we stopped for lunch.

Beach finds and a lunch spot, Gorran Haven

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