Roseland Holiday – part the second

It was from the 9th to the 16th of April, so I was delighted it was so warm and dry – except for day off when I walked a few miles north along the clifftops, found a pub for beers and lunch, and walked back.

Robin in Blackthorn bush

This robin seemed pleased that the rain had stopped, it wouldn’t stop singing, or fly away as I passed a few feet below it.

Just a mile or so north of Basecamp

Some grand scenery. We were staying at a bunkhouse between Newquay and Padstow. Walking a few hundred yards south of our front door gave a grand view along the coast, with Newquay in the distance.

Newquay on the far shore

But each day we drove south to Roseland to get on with the task of strolling along beaches, picking up rubbish and putting it into plastic sacks with giant sugar tongs. Such labour, and the grim working environment.

Forgotten which beach this is

To big for the plastic sack, but we leave 'nothing but footprints'

Some litter is bigger than the average.

Jackie has a cousin who has bought a house at Gerrans, close to the church. You can just see the spire on the horizon above Portscatho, across the water from Carne Beach, below.

Portscatho and Gerrans from Carne Beach

The picture below is of a French style house, with a church behind it, at Place, or perhaps called Place, near St Anthony at the southern tip of Roseland. A grand house, available for hire for weddings and the like, but the blackthorn was the real reason for this picture.

Blackthorn at Place, St Anthony

It wasn’t all work, we got to drink some good beer. In the Victory tavern, St Mawes I had a pint of ‘High as a Kite’, from the Roseland Brewery. It’s based in the sister pub of the Victory, nearer the King Harry Ferry.

Victory Inn at St Mawes

St Austell’s Tinners in The Falcon at St Mawgan (see below), as well as a fine supper on our day off. And Sharpes’ Cornish Coaster at the Golden Lion in Padstow, excellent pale and caramel-sweet beer, better than the indifferent fish supper at a quayside fish and chip cafe – NOT one of Rick Stein’s.

A quick one in the Falcon whilst we book a table for the next night.

Picking up litter has more than aethetic purposes. Litter kills, as the net-entangled body of this gannet shows. Probably got caught up when it was diving for fish, or whatever gannets do.

Dead gannet, tangled in plastic fishing net scraps tossed overboard by fishermen repairing their nets

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