Wednesday’s a Day off on Exmoor

Lovely day to walk via Watersmeet into Lynmouth and take the Funicular Railway up to Lynton. After a little lunch in a pretty cafe I walked to the Valley of the Rocks where I saw goats amongst the rocks. I later heard that our Warden was up at 5 in the morning, with a dozen or more others to round-up the goats for an annual vaccination – they do it that early so as not to upset tourists, who always think the worst of goatherding, apparently.
Later in the afternoon had a couple of pints of Exmoor Gold in a harbourside bar before walking back to basecamp.
On the way home I disturbed a young wren which decided the best thing to do when something scares off your parents is to shout at it as loud as possible. A tiny bird about 1.5 inches long, with a big gaping mouth that young birds have, and the wren’s chequerboard side pattern, but almost not sign of the adult distinctive upright tail.
It shouted at me until I got my camera out, then flew away – so no picture. These will have to do instead – please click on the pics to see them bigger.

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