Time for another beer?

Reading the instructions printed on my Sunglass

Over the last 2 years Jackie has been working on a design for a sundial on a beer glass. With help from friend Steve and his son the glasses are now with us. “A real challenge to get it on the glass just right.” said the Swansea-based company that made the first 96 of them.
So there you are, sitting in the sun, with the glass nearly empty. Is it time for another beer? Well, apart from the obvious: ‘Glass nearly empty, so Yes’ should you check to see if there is enough time before your bus/train comes?
Rotate the glass, on a level surface, until the spot of light falls on about the right date of the appropriate month, and read the time – using the correct scale depending on whether its before or after noon.
On the glass below its about 3.30 on a late June date.
Visit the Sunglass site and buy one for yourself, or a friend who has everything, or thought they had until the Sunglass arrived.

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