Ovesco Party in Lewes

On saturday evening we attended a party to mark the completion of the first community photo-voltaic power station in Lewes – 544 panels on the roof of Harvey’s Davey’s Lane depot, capable of feeding 98,000 kWh per year into the National Grid.

Last year we invested £500 in the scheme, and the idea of free Harvey’s beer drew us to Lewes.

Dirk Campbell, the Mayor and his partner, and Elizabeth Mandeville.

Lots of grey or white bearded men, and women in long ethnic-type dresses.


The mayor turned up and said some words.


Rather disappointed not to meet more folk we knew.  Thought there’d be a lot of like-minded people present.  It was very alternative, as you’d expect of such an event in Lewes.  Music was provided by a trio (one of the Ovesco directors, Dirk Campbell, plus a flautist/violinist and a guy playing the guts of a piano with padded drumsticks)

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