Beef Extract and Mysterious Turks

Colmans are advertising a new gravy mix with real beef in it. They have a glossy cartoon bull that leaps in and out of a gravy boat.

I only mention this because I was reading a copy of the Eastern Morning News (a Hull daily paper that died out in 1929) of Friday 4th September 1925, and saw an item  titled ‘Prince in Argentina – his visit to the Oxo supply ranches’.  It said (about half way through) ‘In the heart of one of the vast estancias His Royal Highness inspected the “Oxo” herds of thousands on pure bred cattle – Herefords, Sussex, Angus – probably the largest herds of pedigree cattle in the world and which are destined to become the raw material for “Oxo”.’

Well – and Dad told me they got Oxo by processing the dredgings from the Manchester Ship Canal.

Two columns across there is a piece titled ‘Mystery of the Ahmed – Deal boatmans strange story’ (no apostrophe).  It starts well – ‘Our Hastings correspondent states that prior to the disappearance of Prince Ahmed Sieffudin from the mental home in Ticehurst a mysterious meeting of oriental magnates took place in Hastings.’

Eat your heart out Poirot.

Later on the article tells us – ‘The Turkish gentleman motored to Deal where he is alleged to have endeavoured to obtain the services of a fast motor boat to convey certain persons to France.  The owner however declined to undertake the journey and informed the Deal police.’

I guess the Turkish gentleman must have found another boat owner, given the absence of the Prince.

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