19th October – A walk via Hamsey

Three of us think we need to get out walking more regularly.

East window of Hamsey church. Note chalk quarry in distance - we were above it later on

This walk is local – starting with a bus to Lewes and then down to the Pells and, eventually along the river Ouse to Hamsey church, then back to Offham for a beer in the Blacksmiths Arms (not really a pub now, more a restaurant serving beer – every table was set for diners) there before climbing Offham hill, round the top of the big quarries and down into Lewes for the bus home.

All that remains of a lock at the south end of a short canal near Hamsey church

On the way to Hamsey we passed the place were once a lock stood, enabling vessels to cut off a large meander.  You might make out the effect of the masonry under water on the flow of the water above.

Hamsey church seen from the ouse on the way to Offham

The church is on its own now, having been abandoned following several outbreaks of the Black Death in the 14th and 15th centuries.  The church at Offham was built to replace it.  The tower has some rather weathered gargoyles, worthy of a closer look.

Gargoyle on Hamsey church tower

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