Blockheads at the Ropetackle

Off to Shoreham on the 7.30pm 700 bus from the Old Steine, over the threshold by 8.10 and straight to the bar for Dark Star Hophead.  Support band and chat til 9 when they come on and straight into the energetic music.  Some songs post Ian Dury, most from his time, but all good.

Vocalist is like an overweight Viv Stanshall

I mistakenly thought the bass guitarist was Wilko Johnson – but I have an excuse, he plays with Wilko Johnson:

Norman on the left, Wilko Johnson centre

Sound quality could have been better – difficult to make out the words sometimes, but made up for by the shear energy.  If I could play guitar I’d do it in a grey suit too.

Old man at play - having a good time

Love the CND logo in the dark glasses.

"Trouser press baby!", as Viv once said

There were more members of the band, mainly younger and very important to the overall sound, but not Old Blockheads!

All together now

The saxophonist got lots of applause, most enthusiastically when he decided to blow two simultaneously.


The end of a good night





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One Response to Blockheads at the Ropetackle

  1. fred says:

    Gilud Atzmon is a brilliant sax player

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