Three Bonzos and a Piano – 3rd December 2011

Six of us off to see what’s left of the Bonzo Dog Band perform with Brighton pianist, Dave Glasson, and a guitarist whose name I never got.  Their website announces ‘never knowingly over-rehearsed’, and I can confirm that – but still a joy.  Perhaps because we all knew the songs.  To be a bit fairer, the main cause of on-stage chaos (apart from that which was clearly intentional, that is most of it) was Roger – no longer Ruskin -Spear’s inability to be simultaneously at the

The blur at the right is Roger dashing about. The robots all worked fine

microphone and elsewhere doing special effects. 

Roger displaying his claws whilst Sam Spoons dresses up (first of many outfits)

They have written songs since the period of fame – and Rodney Slater did an excellent getting older song – ‘has anyone seen my memory, I know I had it with me . . . ‘

Rodney sings his song of failing memory

I can’t remember wht the three clarinets were doing here.  Something about finding the right tune, but . . . .

What were they doing?

High point for me – always enjoyed Music for the Leg, long before I had ever heard of a theramin.

Roger plays the leg theramin

And then the rhythm pole as part of Sam Spoons coming on stage as the Australian Cultural Attache.  Who can forget ‘Sam Spoons on rhythm pole’ from Intro and Outro.  I may not be able to make a theramin, but a rhythm pole should be possible – I’ve started collecting crown corks, and there’s a nice bit of hazel in the garden.

Sam Spoons with Rhythm Pole

Dave Glasson did his punk punktuation, and we tried to keep up with the chorus.

Dave Glasson sings Punktuation - a pair of glasses for every occasion

And near the end Roger performed on the Trouser Press, filling the place with smoke and setting off the fire alarm – but we ignored it.

Do the Trouser Press Baby

The show finished, as last time, with music for the head, which was  surprising because it was so tight and together.  Unlike this one off the net.

Finally – two days later, having lunch at the Plough in Henfield (a half hour bus ride into the countryside) and telling friends of the concert, a tall guy with long hair and white beard sitting nearby told us he played in another band with Sam Spoons.  He is Jim Chambers and he does.  He also worked with a hero of Jackie’s, because he was a curator at the Natural History Museum with Richard Fortey – the Trilobite man.

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One Response to Three Bonzos and a Piano – 3rd December 2011

  1. The guitarist is Andy Roberts who lives in an eco-house near Preston Park and has played with everyone, including Rolf Harris at Glastonbury!

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