Eight mile walk to Castle Hill National Nature reserve

Yesterday, the 20th December, was bright and sunny so we set out for Rottingdean by bus along the coast.  By 10.20am we were looking for the footpath onto the hills and out of the village.

Passing Balsdean Pumping station we counted 13 vehicles – must have been some big repair works going on.


Looking down on a busy water pumping station


Soon dropped down into the network of branching dry valleys around the natue reserve that is Castle Hill.  Not a good day to look for either orchids or butterflies, but fine if all you want is some fresh air, exercise and quiet.

Radiating clouds at Castle Hill

Later it began to cloud over – great parallel ridges of cloud, but they gave the appearance of radiating from a point.  Also saw some huge ‘fairy rings’ on a hillside.

A Fairy Ring, or the result of sheep walking in circles?

After 5 hours and eight miles we returned to Rottingdean for warm scones, sharp lemon curd and thick whipped cream beside the fire at the Trellis Cafe.

Grand downland, available for all to wander across.

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