Uncaged Monkeys at the Dome, Brighton

A great and long evening hosted by Robin Ince.

He told us that before the radio show ‘The infinite monkey cage’ was recorded complaints started to reach the BBC.  One read ‘Well done – once again Radio Four celebrates vivisection’.  His proposed reply included the phrase, ‘Just so you know, an infinite monkey cage is quite roomy.’ – but this was considered too fascetious for the BBC to permit.

Dr Ben Goldacre related the terrible story of hiding medical test results which fail to support drug company plans.  He told it at length and with passion.  Afterwards Robin Ince said if we wanted to hear it again just go for a drink with Ben, or travel on a train with him – you’ll get it all again.

Brain Cox, during a talk on God or not, said his wife sends a special Christmas card to people they know who are Creationists – its Jesus waving and smiling as he rides past on a dinosaur.

The high point for me was Tim Minchin singing a song about the real nature of long-term relationships.  Not popchart trash, but a recognition that relationships build over time, and that, ‘If I wasn’t with you I’d probably be with somebody else’.

On that theme, Ben Goldacre had analysed the frequency of words in US Billboard No1 hits since it started.  The top 5, in order, from top down are: Baby Blue Love Girl Song.

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