Swansea Trip, the last bit.

One afternoon Steve and I went for a walk to the New Guildhall (1930’s Deco ) and on to Mumbles.  I had been keen to see the wall panels painted by Frank Brangwyn

Bust of Brangwyn in entrance of Guildhall

for the House of Lords but rejected by them and brought to Wales for the new Guildhall.  But the hall was in use for A-levels so I just grabbed one picture through a glazed door, across a roomful of heads-down-and-writing students.

Celebrating the Empire with Frank Brangwyn

When we left it had started to rain, light enough to keep walking, even to give us a rainbow.


I've always been a fan of green corrugated iron sheds, but this is the grandest I've seen. Now an Indian restaurant


  The rain got much heavier, and we ran for a bus shelter and bus back into town. 

The tallest tower looks a little short here, but that's perspective for you.

This shot shows the tallest building in Wales.  Its just at the west end of South Dock, so Jackie and I went there for coffee on the 29th floor, and got a good view of the Mumbles across the Bay

Mumbles across a grey and rainy bay, but atmospheric for all that

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