A Trip to Shoreham Fort

last week three of us took the 700 bus to Shoreham, over the footbridge and turned east for the Fort.  Stopped immediately by a strange looking van.  Clearly based on something French, and with an profile resembling a snail it should have come as no surprise that the name on the steering wheel and rear door was S-cargo.

The fort is partly under scaffolding as a recent Coastguard station extension, built on one end of it, is being removed.  The pic below shows the gun placements (they were smooth bore muzzle loading cannon, and out of date when they were installed in 1857) and the harbour entrance behind Steve and Jackie, plus the gas-fired power station beyond.  The fort never fired a shot in anger, and spent a long time in slow decay, but now folk are looking after it, and it may soon have a visitor centre.

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2 Responses to A Trip to Shoreham Fort

  1. shame about the unreadable font on the van!

  2. Gary Baines says:

    you should come and have another visit on one of our volunteer days and have a free tour 🙂
    see our website http://www.shorehamfort.co.uk

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