Fruit Tree Planting at London Road Station

Sunday 11th March saw great activity on the community gardens at London Road station with cordon apple trees being planted in a big south facing raised bed and a cherry tree in a dustbin (there is a shortage of real soil on the site, everything is in containers).

Perhaps of greater interest was the man preparing apple based foods.  Spicy stuff with apple chutney in rolled flatbread.  Managed a few pieces, and a cup of soup – seemed to be lentil, but if the publicity is to be believed it must have had some apple in it.

I was very near the Signalman pub where there was a beer festival.  Wearing my community representative hat I felt a duty to check it out.  Three halves for £5 resulted in Westerham Freedom Ale, brewed with fair traded demerera sugar and first brewed in 2007 to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Slave Trade here.  The thought was more interesting than the beer.

Filo – the Hastings brew pub – offered Old Town Tom, made with organic ginger and Bohemian hops.  Pale hoppy and very gingery.

Finally a Southdowns beer – Truleigh Gold.  Pale hoppy, citrus notes and excellent.

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