The Isle of Wight beckons

On Monday 12th March, with a weather forecast promising sunny days I set off with a light heart and heavy pack to Ventnor for two days decorating and two days roaming about.  The job was bigger than I expected and the weather worse than forecast, but I decorated, drank, walked a bit, ate well and visited the pubs (Spyglass, Crab and Lobster and most of all the Volunteer) I like.  Andwell Brewing Company’s Spring Twist, Leeds Brewery’s Yorkshire Gold, Goddard’s Inspiration and Itchen Valley’s 1644 Battle of Cheriton enjoyed from the ever changing range in the Volunteer.

Irene has bought the house next door to the Volunteer (note to self – visit more often).  My task was to clean and decorate the entrance hall and the lodgers room.  I started late and finished early every day to get some strolls along the coast or up to the cemetery (looking for reported sundials on graves, which I found).  Primroses and violets in full flower at the graveyard.

No sign of a wife on this stone. Did he write the copy himself? It seems rather sad to me. And I've never heard of him.

We had good Tapas and wine opposite the Co-op, where for some inexplicable reason I failed to order the baked cardoons – how could I miss such a rarity.  Had a huge breakfast on Friday morning before heading home.

Mist-obscured sea in distance, Irene in mid-ground and my breakfast nearest. Under £4!, and there's a piece of toast just out of view included.

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