A few beers and a camera

Last week had a lunchtime beer in the North Street Weatherspoons – the best was an American Pale Ale from Moorhouses in Burnley. Amazing value at only £2.05 a pint, and better still with 50p off using one of my CAMRA membership Weatherspoons vouchers.
Have been meaning to photograph some of the glorious igneous kerbstones in Brighton. I have been told they come from Guernsey, brought as ballast on boats returning to Brighton having delivered cargo to the Channel Islands.

These Diorite kerbs are usually grainy and dark grey, like the inclusion here. The paler rock is a vein running through the diorite.

Of course having a few beers let my mind and camera wander – so not all the pics are igneous rock.

More viens and inclusions

For example I spotted this great shop window encounter.
And this typical Brighton street scene.
Finally I spotted a magnolia in bloom that matched the front door – this in Richmond Road, right here on Round Hill.

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2 Responses to A few beers and a camera

  1. Where are these granite kerbs?

    • roundhillrob says:

      You know the street you drink coffee in every day – try looking at the kerbstones there!
      Or on the way down to the Duke of York cinema, and around it – more there.

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