Sundial Society Conference part the last.

All day Saturday and Sunday morning is the conference – if you want to know more you should check out their website –  

After lunch on Sunday we said our goodbyes, handed in our badges and headed for the bus.  A couple of hours in Gloucester allowed time in the Cathedral.


Huge cylindrical Norman columns supporting Norman blindstorey and a Decorated clearstorey and vaulting


There is the burial place of a king here, but more interesting there is the grave of Robert Duke of Normandy, the eldest son of William the Conqueror, who died died in Cardiff Castle in 1134, the prisoner of his youngest brother, King Henry I.  If you phone the landline number 0300 900 1327 and chose option 1 you can hear a six minute explanation.  That’s what it said beside his monument.  Don’t know if it explains his curious posture.

Eldest son imprisoned by youngest brother, who takes the throne. Perhaps the pose is a clue - maybe overt gayness was not tolerated then.

 And a pint in the biggest Wetherspoons I’ve ever seen – an ex-cinema complete with King Kong hanging onto a skyscraper and biplanes circling round him.  So distracted was I by this that ‘ve forgotten the beer.

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One Response to Sundial Society Conference part the last.

  1. If only Wetherspoons would take over the Astoria!

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