More Llandeilo musings

At the Gold Mine there was a comptometer on a shelf in a hut.  Its a mechanical number cruncher.  One of our number – Janet – related that her mother-in-law, in 1974, said to her, ‘Learn to use a comptometer and you’ll never be out of work’.  WRONG.

Phil gave us a useful mnemonic: ‘My goodness but eating hot nachos causes pain’.  Its the countries of central america in order from north to south – Mexico to Panama, go on – check it out.

We had our attention drawn to a shiny silvery fungal/ bacterial symbiotic growth in the gold mine.  Once tought to be unique to this mine a d one other, its now found in many more.  Thiobacillus ferro-oxidans might be its grand name, it uses sulphides as a source of energy.

Notice seen outside a remote cottage on way to Cwmdu: ‘Stones for Sale – various sizes’

Seen from train at Ammanford: ‘It only Tickles – Tatto Parlour’

As well as the Evan-Evan beers consumed at the brewery tap in Llandeilo (White Horse I think), had the excellent Gower Gold (small brewery just west of Mumbles) at an out of town pub called the Cottage.

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