Nick Pynn and Kate Daisy Grant – 15th May 2012

He is a very versatile musician.  Plays a bit whilst recording it right there in front of us, then plays back what he recorded in a loop and adds another instrument on top, continues to do this, building complexity, until he’s had enough.  As well as violin and musical glasses he had a version of a double bass – electronic and operated by pressing buttons with his feet, also a theramin and a home made eukalayli (some mistake surely) based on a coconut and thus named a cocolayli.

Nick on Theramin, just beyond his left hand.

At one point a Heath Robinson battery connection to one of his instruments came undone.  As he struggled to bite the connection back together he muttered under his breath, ‘Its a good thing this is only a dream’.

Nick and Kate Daisy

When we booked I thought it was him alone – but he was also with Kate Daisy Grant – who I kept thinking of as Daisy May, but I’m that old – was she Sooty’s girlfriend, with the original Harry Corbett?

The whole band.

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