More good stuff from Exeter

Just wanted to share a few great places and things seen, starting with these granite columns to an insignificant car park minutes away from our hotel, in a street called Northernhay – from the fact that it is on the north side of the city, just outside the walls, where I guess meadows used to exist.


The wall at the back of the car park is the city wall, but its these grand columns thatcaught my eye – why here?


And you should walk up Steepcote Hill, the excellent Fat Pig pub is at the top, so its well worthwhile.

Steepcote Hill – it must have once linked river to town

The old Priory, marketed as the Old Tudor House, has great interiors – here is the master bedroom – hell to keep warm I guess.

Note the Tudor plaster work on back wall. There would have been a ceiling at the clear horizontal line.

In the city museum – at the top of Northernhay – you can see a lot of Sgraffito ware.  Some is by a man still alive and making it, but he is very old now.  This is one of his, and I like his imagination.

This is a Harry Juniper sgaffito decorated slipware jug based on the traditional Devon Harvest jugs – made in 1977.

In the same area are these two French jugs dating from  between 1280 and 1330, but looking like Picasso could have decorated them.

Two 13th or 14th century French Saintonge jugs – love that green bird

Moving down the estuary we visited the National Trust property A la Ronde.  Great place of charm and quirkiness.

A la Ronde on a wet day. There is a servants floor below what is visible here, and the dormers are a later addition. All rooms open onto a central full height hall. Has great views over the Exe estuary

Here are some floorboards from an upstairs room – a real jigsaw.


Awkward spaces demand creative solutions – and these floorboards are an example of creativity.

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One Response to More good stuff from Exeter

  1. Love A La Ronde – last time I visited you were allowed up to the precipitous Shell Grotto, but now Elf and Safety won’t let you! Across the river at Starcross is the remains of Brunel’s atmospheric railway

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