Visiting Roseland in Cornwall

On the 2nd June we trained to Truro and were met by Jackie’s cousin, Steve and his wife Jane, who took us to their house in Gerrans, just inland from Portscatho (South coast, just east of Falmouth). Below is a picture of valerian growing on Portscatho harbour walls.Image

We stayed for a week and walked locally between the showers.  A circular walk around Nare Head and Veryan brought us back to the coast along a delightful wooded valley – Jackie and Steve below are in that valley.


This was after food and St Austell Proper Job at the New Inn in Veryan.  Also in that village I saw a dipping well and adjacent piped water supply outside the Post Office and general stores.  I mention this because wells, springs and early piped water supplies seem to appear every time we go on holiday – last time was West Lulworth, just last summer.


On a wet day Jackie and I went by bus and passenger ferry to Falmouth.  After a visit to the Museum, farmers market and an art gallery/shop or two we found the Cornish CAMRA pub of the year at Custom House Pier and I sampled Skinners Porthleven, a pale and citrus hoppy beer of 4.8% as well as Kynance Blonde from the Cornish Chough Brewery – not as crisply clean and refreshing.

We bought skate at the market – clearly not just farmers – and cooked for the 4 of us that night.  On another day we walked south along the coastal path to Towan Beach, and back along a slightly inland track.  Warm enough to paddle, and here are Jane and Steve to prove it.


On the way back spent probably more time than it was worth to get this picture of poppies and the sea beyond.


On one of the greyer days we drove to a National Trust house called Trerice, between Newquay and Truro.Pretty place, had things you could handle so got the chance to draw a Yew longbow.  There were steel tipped arrows available as well, but I thought using one in the main hall full of people a bad idea. Here is the front of the house.


Had a pleasant lunch here, including a bottle of beer – Cornish Buccaneer from the Wooden Hand Brewery.  Some pleasing walls covered in flowering plants, mosses and lichens:



During the week the Royal 60th happened.  Steve and I celebrated by queueing separately for a beer and a burnt sausage at the pub next door in Gerrans (Royal Standard), but later we got down to Portscatho where musicians and old hippies celebrated.


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