Short Pub Crawl – Wed 4th July 2012

Read a review of a new pub in town in a recent Argus and could no longer resist the urge to try it.  But I had also heard it is expensive.  So I put a few CAMRA Weatherspoons vouchers in my wallet.  These give me 50p off per pint and, by visiting two pubs I could cunningly reduce the average cost per pint.

The first is right next door to the Job Centre/ dole office on Upper North Street, and is run by the Craft Beer Company.  Lots of beers on handpump and a big range of bottled beers.  I had a half of a Dark Star 6% mild and a pint of Magic Rock pale ale bursting with those American hops I enjoy so much.  The bar had a great feel – there were as many women sitting alone as men, plus a couple of couples and a group celebrating Grant’s (of The Grass is Greener gardening services) birthday.

A pint and a half here cost just shy of £6.  Walking down to Weatherspoons in North Street for a pint of Everards Tiger (with CAMRA token) cost £1.49,  This moved the average from nearly £4 a pint to under £3.

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2 Responses to Short Pub Crawl – Wed 4th July 2012

  1. Is that what used to be the Princess Victoria, then the PV?

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