Garden sightings – June and July 2012

Just wanted to share a few things we have been sharing the garden with this summer – between the wetter bits.

The Scarlet Tiger moth is a day-flying moth, and has featured here before.  Had the caterpillars in the front garden last year, and I moved some onto brambles in the back, having discovered that’s what they eat.  So maybe this one came to my hand because it recognised my role in its survival.  Or maybe it was just knackered from trying to fly on a wind and cool day.

 The Comma butterfly passed through on the 1st July, when we had the garden open to the public as part of a Garden Gadabout fundraising event for a Brighton charity.  Not the most successful event for us – if you count the Comma we had 30 visitors in 5 hours.

Finally there is a small beetle seen walking across a garden table.  Not much to look at you may think, but this is no everyday beast, oh no.  Dascillus cervinus (for it is he) is the only European representative of his Superfamily – the Dascilloidea.  It munches pollen and can be found in uplands (!!) including the South Downs – perhaps he was blown off course from Hollingbury hill.




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