Colour in a Cloudy Climate

I have always enjoyed those posters often found in Irish themed pubs which show scores of front doors or house fronts taken in Ireland.  They are always brightly coloured.  Of course we use bright colours on our many render-finished houses in Brighton.  I’ve painted my share of purple or bright green or bold pink houses over the years, but the Irish go that one step further and mix bold colours.

A little house next to the South Pole Pub in Anascaul.
If it was in England the yellow reveals would have been cream or white.

And I think its because they don’t see enough bright sunlight, and this decorative style helps to make up for the lack of it.

Pink, green AND yellow – and the sweet jars match

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2 Responses to Colour in a Cloudy Climate

  1. Raz says:

    I have often wondered why they don’t use more brighter colours in Northern towns of England. The Irish have a point.

  2. i’d like my house painted like that Rob!

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