Eastbourne Art and a Contrail Sky

Five of us took the bus to Eastbourne last Saturday, to see the Harold Mockford exhibition at the Towner Gallery.  He is 80, and  still painting from his home in Newhaven.  The Towner has a lot of his work, and Brighton has some too.  He painted mainly from memory, and seems to build a picture from parts, though not necessarily in the right order.  He uses colour with a limited reliance on how the real world looks, and the result is great.  Its on until the end of this month – get along there if you can.

The gallery had another show – A Point of Departure – which has lots of good stuff, including a Piper collage and paint image and this Nicholson – not Ben but his dad.  The photo is poor, it was behind glass, and I knew I shouldn’t be taking the picture.


Simple but delightfully atmospheric painting by Sir William Nicholson.


On the way home the sky was looking very special.  Lots of jet plane condensation trails lasting a very long time, combined with some high cirrus ice clouds and occasional low cumulus.

Curious clouds over Peacehaven – 8th September 2012

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