Two bottled beers enjoyed

I think its important to try new things, to avoid the routine and to keep life exciting, and to that end I have taken to tasting a few beers not previously tried.

Harvest Pale from Nottingham

That’s the sort of daredevil attitude I’m cultivating.  I might go out and try a different beer today!

A hoppy Californian beer – I think the hop is Torpedo

The Harvest Pale Ale is from Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham, near the railway station.  Jackie and I went there a few years ago with friends.  The Sierra Nevada beer is both Californian and hoppy.  Bought it from Southover Wines at the top of Southover Street at the end of a three hour walk that covered Preston Park, Dyke Road Avenue, the Craft Beer pub and the Setting Sun (perhaps?) on Windmill Street.  It used to be the Windmill, but the building of a terrace on the west side of the pub, which has views down across Brighton and the bay to the west led to a new name to celebrate the evening view.

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