Nostell Priory and a nip back to the Hepworth

You can walk down to the Hepworth from Sue’s place.  Its south of the centre of town, and Sue is north, but Wakefield is fairly compact, so we walked.  Had coffee in the Hepworth and Jackie asked if I’d seen the Prunella Clough painting.  I’d missed it so nipped back upstairs to have a look.  She figures elsewhere in this blog because I like the way she captures the edges of things, the decay and gradual collapse.

Prunella Clough at the Wakefield Hepworth gallery – its of a paper mill. Piles of waste awaiting recycling.

Then we crossed the main roads and found a bus stop for Nostell Priory.  At the base of the bus stop post was a single flower – rather Prunella Clough I’d say.

An Unofficial English . . . daisy

At Nostell I photographed a painting of St Mary Magdalen, perhaps by Francesco Furini (or at least in the style of).  Furini lived in Florence and became a priest in the 1630’s, and devoted his time to painting religious works – many being female and only partly clothed.

St Mary Magdalen, Francesco Furuni, Florentine School, 17th century

Cannot finish an entry without a beer reference, so here is a picture of my lunch at Nostell Priory.  The beer was excellent.

Nick Staffords Hambleton Ales – Stallion – plus a sandwich, at Nostell Priory

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