Peter Messer’s private view 19th October 2012

I’ve never been able to afford one of his paintings, and I still can’t, but he still invites us to his PVs, which is nice.  The new show has gone now, but it was called Bounded in a Nutshell, and at the Hop Gallery, Lewes.   A change in feel, with some humorous or strange images, and fewer dark worrying images.  When I put this to Peter he said firmly that he could still do dark, and would again.

My favourite was a nightime view through a Victorian brick archway into a street lit by one streetlamp, and revealing a lurking grand piano.  The painting was called ‘Feral Piano’ – and why not?

Another had a view looking down on the rooftops of Lewes, with a full moon in the sky, but a closer look revealed the rooftops are in a crater on the moon and the object in the sky is the Earth.

Finally I liked one called something like ‘You saw them too?’, which is just a countryside scene, but with a group of small folk dancing in a circle in the middle ground.

After the gallery we went to the White Hart Hotel for Harveys Best and a light supper.  I really like that front bar, with its creaky flooring, panelling and big old fireplace.  And the good beer plus good food make it a better place than the trendy chains like Ask or Pizza Express.

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