To the Tate Britain for the Patrick Keiller Exhibition

On the 24th October Steve Chapman and I went up to London to catch the Patrick Keiller exhibition before it closes.  Sadly the Guardian advert I had kept on the noticeboard to remind me to go had the date wrong, and it had finished when we got there.  A bit was left up

The leftovers of the Patrick Keiller exhibition.

Every member of staff we asked said it had been really good – well worth seeing.  Shame we didn’t.  I bought the hardback book of the exhibition, which is a great book, in construction terms.  Stitched folios bound into hard covers.  And the content is great Keiller too.

There was lots of good art, like this one of the deluge:

Deluge by someone or other – nice and big, and lots of grim fun

and this live action piece,

Performance art, or installing art?

or perhaps they are just putting up the sequel to Keiller

Afterwards we went to the Cask Pub and Kitchen for several halves of interesting beers.  No food though, despite the pub’s name.

Saw this bird in Westminster cathedral square.  Its handler was smoking under a nearby arcade.  I guess they were there to keep the pigeons away.

Pigeon-botherer in Westminster

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