Beer things

On Tuesday 15th I went down town for a beer or two. In Wetherspoons I had a pint of Try This (3.8%) from Wharfedale Brewery and a pint of Old Leg Over (4.1%) from Daleside Brewery. Neither was very hoppy but both excellent Yorkshire beers, consumed over 90 minutes and most of the Guardian.
Went on to the Evening Star – well who wouldn’t? – and had a pint of Dark Star ‘The Art of Darkness’ (3.5%) a hoppy and black pun on the Conrad story. If these guys would sell their beers for £1.50 to £2 a pint I’d give up brewing, but as they can’t I guess I’ll seek occasional inspiration from them and keep brewing.
Finished with a pint of Ranmore (3.8%) from Surrey Hills Brewery – gorgeous beer, best of the day. Only stayed for a fourth because I was talking to a guy I’d met before, he has worked for two breweries and now delivers/markets beers for the newish Beachy Head Brewery. He delighted me by asking if I’d bring a bottle of one of my brews down to the pub for him to try, he thought my description sounded like a beer style he’d been trying to find for a while now. Well it flattered me, and a bottle of homebrew is cheap enough to go ahead and visit the Star again, just to leave it behind the bar you understand.
The young barman at the Star told me he did not like the ways of the Wharfedale Brewery – they had recently split from the Leeds Brewery, and had taken on a PR man who is a local CAMRA officer, who has been using unreasonable pressure to push the beers. Well it tasted good, and CAMRA ain’t the Mafia, I hope.

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