Birds in the Garden

A few days ago I completed a survey from a local student about growing food in the garden. It went on a bit, and diverged from the theme (as I saw it). But it got me to think about the BEST reason for having a garden – and I think its sharing it with others living things, both plant and animal.
Over breakfast a couple of days ago (before the snow) I saw a robin sitting high in the hornbeam at the end of the garden, singing and keeping an eye on its domain. Meanwhile a raggedy blue tit, with missing tail feathers and a scrawny neck (it might be the same one recorded here last summer, raising a brood) worked the gutter of the greenhouse and twigs in next-doors trees with two much smarter birds (possibly its off-spring). Low down in the brambles a wren sought food and maintained a low profile, and just above a goldcrest bobbed and wove its way through a straggly rosemary bush. A bright and bold pair of great tits passed across the garden, barely stopping in the hazel over the pond before moving onto the neighbours’ cherry tree which seemed to harbour something desirable to them. The last bird I noticed – though it had probably been there all the time – was a silent female blackbird perched below the robin but motionless, just keeping out of sight. Made breakfast really exciting.

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